Camp Power needs adult volunteers to be staff members at Camp Power 2018! The vast majority of our returning staff will tell you that camp week is the best week of their year by far. The facilities in eastern Pennsylvania are ridiculously awesome, the kids are wildly empowering, and the whole experience will inspire you to start living the other 51 weeks a year for Camp week.

Camp Power 2018: Sunday August 19 - Saturday August 25th (Campers arrive Monday August 20th). On August 26th, this is what you’ll be able to say: You took a vacation. You volunteered. You understood the power of listening over being heard. You lent a hand or a hug when it was needed most. You put everyone else over you. You became a new, stable family member to so many kids whose lives lack stability. You made these kids believe and understand their incredible potential, their uniqueness, and their importance to the world outside of their communities. Because of you, they are blazing into the school year with a a renewed spirit and belief in themselves -- a belief that their neighborhoods don't have to define them, and they truly can beat the odds that are often stacked against them. Because you have their back!

Join us next year and be a part of the best one-week camp program in the entire world. Let us know you are interested by filling out the form below.

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